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The Hope Collection

Anthology: A Story Collection

By: Stacey Agdern

  Publisher:  Phoenix Blu Publishing  

Inaugural Author

eBook: $3.99  Prices may vary at retailers

Book description:

Originally published in four anthologies between 2017-2018, these four stories of people finding their happy endings amidst political change, are brought together here for the first time, with a brand new story previously only available to newsletter subscribers.

Truth, Love and Sushi

When First Daughter Caroline Crosby finds herself in possession of the one document that can bring her father and his administration down, she turns to a real life social justice warrior for help.

Max Wilcox isn’t sure what to make of Caroline: is this an elaborate hookup or a political conspiracy? But he has to make up his mind fast because the information and their chemistry could change the world—or break their hearts.

Mr. Klein Goes to Albany

When the Canadian government—via hockey player-turned-diplomat Adam Klein—proposes a work-around to the irrational president, legislative aide Tamara Schneider knows she needs to set them straight. 

Bring on the road-trip to discovery!

Tamara’s plan is to arrange a road trip to show Adam the state is bigger than just NYC, a tricky business given their history. Can she give the Canadian diplomat a second chance.

Never Again

Actor Sam Moskowitz has an overdeveloped sense of social justice and strong feelings for preschool teacher Deb Taubman. Deb adores Sam but doesn't trust him (or their chemistry) enough to let him into her life. 

Life has a way of pushing you towards each other. 

In the wake of Anti-Semitic attacks, they're drawn closer together. Will their newfound closeness be shattered when the secret he's been keeping is revealed?

Rogue Files

Reporter John DiCenza wants to go back. To New Jersey, to his life, the hockey team he covers, and the fanbase he’s proud to know and support. Back to before he had the Rogue Files, documents rumored to be the final nail in President Crosby’s term.

Journalist Sophie Katz wants to move forward. Toward her new TV show, and a life where the stories she tells will make a difference. She needs the Rogue Files and the story behind them to get there.

But when life comes at them, John and Sophie realize that the true story behind the files is standing up for the truth right where you are


The Fifth Question

Jess Wilcox is hiding. From her past, who she really is and the world outside her Queens apartment. The daily chat she moderates in the NAWHL chatroom has been a balm.

Ben Klein is also hiding. The Empires rookie is stuck in his cousin Adam’s Manhattan apartment and for the first time in his life, not playing hockey.


Two individuals, hiding from the world outside. Four questions about history lead to one question about their future.  

As the seder draws near, they will discover if  their connection is strong enough to overcome Jess’ past and set them free to get to know each other without walls between them.

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