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Our Story

Phoenix Blu Publishing is a division of Phoenix Blu LLC and was created by two sisters who wanted to turn their careers into a reflection of their passions.  Reading and exploring new cultures are hobbies that they both share.  Taking both of their backgrounds into consideration, they created this company to help authors who wanted freedom from traditional publishing houses but would benefit from the tools that they could provide.  In addition, they believe that the world is their oyster.  They want to help entrepreneurs, like themselves, bring their products into production. 

What we do

Our company takes the dirty work out of publishing and production.  We offer resources that are cost effective to help you get started.  Our publishing goals are not traditional.  Our tools include, but are not limited to, hosting your book on our Authors page, distributing your book across multiple platforms, audiobook distribution, cover design, editing and proofreading, swag development, and more…. We have the resources for all your needs.  What we do is provide authors with the autonomy to utilize our tools at a variety of levels.  A healthy balanced partnership is the most lucrative for both parties.   

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