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We give you a publisher. | We give you 10 years of publishing experience. | We give you people who care about your book. | 0ur success comes from your success. | We want our name to be synonymous with quality books.

A mutually beneficial partnership between author and publisher!

We only make money when you sell your books.        

Our desire is to create a community for fiction authors that would typically self-publish.  Our platform sets a new standard for self-publishing.  We have professional resources that optimize your needs to get your book ready for readers to enjoy.  You can pick and choose the services you need from our a la carte services.  However, our model is simple, we only publish completed eBooks free of cost to the author.  We will distribute to all major vendors, monitor listings and royalties, provide social media marketing, and spotlight your book in our newsletter.  

We don't publish just any book. We have strict submission guidelines and a comprehensive vetting process for both the author and their work.  All content must be original, and we only accept formatted manuscripts that tell a complete and cohesive story.  All submitted manuscripts are required to be clean and grammatically correct at the time of submission.

Our goal is to give readers a piece of mind that a book from Phoenix Blu Publishing is a quality story that they want to read.  

Our Standard Process:

Do you want to be a Phoenix Blu Author?  Submit (FORM) your completed fiction manuscript to start the review process.  Once we receive your manuscript, we will send you a confirmation email with a timeline of what you can expect from our review team and publishing house.  If your manuscript is not ready and you need support, you can request from us an a la carte services menu that will provide the resources you need to be ready to publish.

Quick Overview: 

  • Submit completed fiction manuscript for review.  Remember, all manuscripts must be original, clean, and grammatically correct at the time of submission.

  • Receive a confirmation email and timeline. 

  • We will send an approval or reject notification within 7 to 10 business days after a confirmation of receipt has been sent to the author.

  • If we approve your fiction manuscript, we will send you our standard publishing contract for your review and signature.

  • Let’s publish your eBook! Alternative formatting is available for additional fees.

  • We do all the work and you see the royalties!

  • Remember – there are no out of pocket fees to get your book e-published!

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